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Technology Portfolio / 技術紹介

Manufacturing Process

We adopt integrated system of production from development to manufacturing. As a result, the samples we have offered were adopted by lots of top makers and recieved high evaluation. It made us win the trust of them.

To meet the needs of users, the whole process of manufacturing blades are supported by the latest technology and facilities, wide experience and the skill of engineers.

We also make single manufactured blade, specialized blade to meet the needs of diverse industry not only in wood-processing, but also in metal-processing fields and others.

As blades are the part that influence directly to the quality of processing technology, we want to answer to the enthusiasm of users with the pride in our craftsmanship. With such thoughts, we also actively study on new technologies.

In addition to the world-class technology, with the highest level of quality management we would prove worthy to your trust.

Surface Polishing
Polish a surface
to achieve the uniformity in thickness

Stretching, Strain Relief
Stretch for rotational stability to cut straight

Braze hardmetal tip or cermet tip
with silver brazing filler metal (at 660-780 deg C)

Side -> Hook -> Edge
Sharpen tips at specified angle
with diamond wheels

Check crack, chip gap, scratch damage and any failure in final inspection

Mark tested product. Coat, clean up, pack with extra care and arrange for ship